Do You Have A Construction Project Requiring Oversight?

CFSI offers full-service, independent, construction risk mitigation services supporting lenders and private individuals nationwide.  We manage the entire fund control process throughout the entire construction phase for existing portfolios or assist in building new portfolios to ensure on-time completion, to closely monitor the budget  and to make certain the project is free of mechanic’s liens.

Our in-house, client dedicated team works within lender established standards and hold state-specific risk management expertise.  We offer web-based budget and draw status, meticulous inspections and closely monitor contractors.

Loan Management Services Include:

Pre-Loan Approval

At the start of the construction process is where a lender needs evaluation experience the most. Most lenders are going through the motions of collecting documentation relating to the project and the borrower financial data to evaluate the credit risk. Many times we see a less diligent amount of time focusing on… (learn more)

Loan Funding

Now your loan has funded! The borrower owns the property and you have your construction loans in escrow and are waiting for the draws to begin. CFSI’s Fund Control process takes the… (learn more)

Portfolio Auditing / Due Diligence

Determining if a construction loan program is following industry best practices is important information for anyone running an existing program, or looking to bid on a separate existing program… (learn more)

Construction Protection Program

CFSI has a unique product offering for clients who experience a fundamental issue with a contractor or project during the construction phase, requiring the lender to complete the asset. Although preventing this from happening is job one at CFSI, sometimes in construction… (learn more)

We Work For You

CFSI does the groundwork to ensure you’re building on a solid foundation.
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