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At CFSI Loan Management we understand the importance and need to be paid for your work in a timely manner. A nationwide funds control administrator will be your main point of contact during the construction phase, assisting and guiding you through the process. CFSI will ensure that you’re aware of the policies, procedures, and requirements from the first draw to the final draw. With CFSI assistance this will enable you to submit proper documentation with each draw, which will avoid delays in processing your request for timely payments to be made to all parties.

CFSI will provide you, the General Contractor, the established draw guide, forms, and state statutory forms that comply with the specific lender requirements. This will help support managing the costs of the project, account for all sub-contractor and supplier payments, as well as aid with your responsibilities throughout the construction phase.

To learn more about the products and services CFSI has to offer please call (855) 344-2374. We are you here to support you throughout this process.