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Whether you’re building your new custom home or remodeling your existing home, this can be a trying and stressful time during construction for you, your family, or your client. With the assistance of CFSI Loan Management working side by side with you, we can help put those uncertainties at ease with the many products and services we have to offer.

CFSI will review each draw request that is submitted, make sure the budget is in balance, and identify and ensure any additions that were made to the budget were authorized by you. CFSI will examine all the required support documentation, collect lien releases to make certain payments have been made to the necessary parties, and inspect the project to verify the work requested is in place.

With CFSI’s expertise and knowledge we can make building your new home enjoyable!

To learn more about the products and services CFSI has to offer and how we can start helping you build your dream home, please call us today at (855) 344-2374.

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