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CFSI Loan Management has a nationwide network of qualified inspectors. As an inspector you will meet with the appropriate parties and act as our onsite administrator for the inspection. As an inspector you’re a key component in identifying work in place, possible changes in the scope of the work, and speaking with the appropriate parties on site. This translates to being an essential element in approving the draw request and verifying the draw in question is supported by the work in place on a percentage basis.

CFSI will provide the budget for the project, supporting information, and the current draw request at the time the order is placed. This will ensure that items on the request will be identified through your inspection photos. Also, as an inspector for CFSI you will take photos and evaluate the entire project as whole. With the information provided this will assist in completing the inspection report on a line-by-line percentage basis and an overall completion percentage of the project.

CFSI will be responsible for payments directly to the inspector once the inspection has been completed and provided back to CFSI. This allows you, as an inspector, to deal with only one party.

If you’re a qualified inspector and would like to learn more about CFSI inspections please call us today at (855) 344-2374 or click the link to apply.

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