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With new home construction, ground-up construction, and rehabilitation lending back on the rise across the country, CFSI Loan Management services is your answer for portfolio management, risk mitigation, and fund control needs.

CFSI’s experience and expertise in managing your construction lending risks, we can help assess your portfolio, protect your asset through the construction phase, and control the project through our various products and services to ensure the project is completed. With this expertise we’ll maintain your products so they meet various Lender, HUD and SBA guidelines, meet state statutory regulations, comply with state specific lien laws, and conform with your requirements to roll the loan to the permanent phase.

With CFSI knowledge and superior customer service level support, we can meet your needs to minimize risk and losses, increase and maintain portfolio growth, and increase profitably on an individual and company-wide level.

To learn more on how CFSI can start helping you please call (855) 344-2374 today.