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Choosing a General Contractor is one of the first, and most important, choices made before a project begins. Knowing that a General Contractor is qualified to complete the asset on time and free of liens reduces the overall risk of a construction project dramatically.

CFSI Loan Management reviews a General Contractor’s experience, calls and verifies references from past customers, verifies subcontractor and supplier references, verifies the contractor’s license, obtains and reviews liability insurance, obtains a credit report, obtains a criminal background check, collects a W9 form, and reviews the General Contractor’s Driver’s License against the U.S. Government’s terror watch list.  With all of this information, our client can be assured that a contractor is qualified.

CFSI will also monitor license and insurance expiration dates throughout the construction phase and obtain updated documents as needed.

CFSI works directly with the General Contractor to obtain all of the documentation needed to complete the profile. Our high touch approach will allow our clients to work on the loan approval, while CFSI completes the Contractor Profile Review quickly.