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Specialists In Construction Loan Management

CFSI Loan Management helps lenders reduce construction loan risk on residential, commercial, and multi-family properties for conventional, warehouse, SBA and commercial (fix and flip) lenders nationwide. Our high touch, customer-centric approach allows lenders to concentrate on originating construction loans while CFSI manages the construction phase from beginning to end. From reviewing project feasibility, to confirming a contractor’s ability to complete a project, to managing the construction budget through the draw process, all the way until the project is complete and the loan is ready to roll to permanent financing, CFSI Loan Management is here and ready to lend our expertise in construction loan risk management.

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Our company hires the best, most qualified field professionals in the business. We have strict vendor selection criteria, and a formal due diligence process helps us to manage quality while ensuring our clients receive the best and quickest service levels possible. Interested? Please follow the link below.

Project Feasibility Report

Independent third party pre-loan analysis of project to ensure projected forecasts are accurate.

Fully Reviewed

Trained staff review based on lender requirements; budget review; contract review; and plans & specifications review

Funds Control

Expert reconciliation and accounting for all draw activity based on contractor’s approved budget.

Watched Like a Hawk

Budget monitoring, change order management, lien waiver collection, title date down review, property site inspection, and state statutory compliance.

Contractor Profile Review

Comprehensive review of a contractor’s qualifications to ensure that they can complete the planned asset.

Who's Working For You?

Licensing review, insurance review, builder credit score, OFAC check, and background check.


(through 10/31/2023)

Lender Services

CFSI works with large and small financial institutions, funds, private, and commercial lenders to protect our clients’ interest in the construction loan. Our goal in this process is to provide industry best practices and risk mitigation procedures to monitor construction projects. Our full suite of services include Contractor and Project Reviews, Funds Control, Draw Inspections and Portfolio Audits.  Don’t let a bad experience with a construction lending ruin your perspective on this profitable business line.

Our Core Values

CFSI understands construction. We understand contractors and the construction lending process which allows CFSI to protect your interests in each project. At the core of CFSI we are about People, Standards and Service. With all of our employees and inspectors across the country bringing their experience to our exceptional organization, CFSI continues to be better every day.

All construction projects start with the foundation.

Let CFSI Loan Management do the groundwork to ensure you’re building on a solid foundation.

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