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CFSI has a unique product offering for clients who experience a fundamental issue with a contractor or project during the construction phase, requiring the lender to complete the asset. Although preventing this from happening is job one at CFSI, sometimes in construction, issues occur. Speed is essential to get the project back on track, get subcontractors back working, and to get the project completed.

CFSI will assume the role as Project Manager on the lender’s behalf, and may identify a new contractor, may work with new subcontractors/suppliers, and work through the sales process if it is an REO. We will review a new budget, manage the inspections, and provide recommendations to the lender for funding through our fund control process. By allowing our trained staff to manage this process on your behalf you will be able to focus on the fundamentals of the loan and borrower while we work to complete the project.

Our CPP service delivers peace of mind and allows you to feel secure that your collateral will be completed as per the original plans and specifications. Please contact us today for further details on how our CPP service will decrease the inherent risk in your construction lending portfolio and increase the profitability.

CFSI offers this service for clients that perform Contractor, Project Feasibility, and Fund Control services on select projects.

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