Project Feasibility 1-4 unit properties (residential rehab without inspection)

Project Feasibility 1-4 unit properties (residential rehab without inspection)


Pre-close feasibility review of your project.

  • No inspection required if appraisal is provided.
  • Projects greater than 2M in construction costs and projects over 10 units must be submitted by lenders as a bid via our client portal.

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CFSI Loan Management Project Review consists of a pre-close feasibility review of your project. CFSI Loan Management can present a clear picture of the project even before the first concrete is poured. We do this by reviewing the following items:

1. Budget Review
a. Overall Cost Analysis
b. Scope of Work Verification
c. Review Budget for Front Loading
d. Line-by-line cost verification
e. Health and safety concerns identified

2) Plans/Specification
a. Detailed for construction
b. Permit requirements*
c. Matches subject to requirements

3) Site Inspection
a. Site visit to property
b. Photos of entire property (interior and exterior)
c. Notification of any work needed not in current budget

Deliverable/Service Level Agreement:

CFSI Loan Management will deliver a summary report with recommendation to lender within 4 business days of a completed review package from lender.

*CFSI will attempt to verify permit via the city/state where the project is located, either online or via phone. Lender will hold CFSI harmless if it is unable to verify or is given inaccurate information.


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