How to save your home in a wildfire!

Technology meets wildfires.

Sometimes you meet the most interesting people on planes. One day a few weeks ago while traveling back to Los Angeles from a business trip I sat next to an ordinary guy, just like you and me. I introduced myself and he did the same, Randy from waveGUARD. I thought to myself, waveGUARD, what could they do? For the next two hours I listened intently about the product, technology, and the service they provide.  Here is a little bit about who they are…

waveGUARD™ is a patented Exterior Wildfire Defense System, and that caught my attention since California is on fire and we manage projects which were directly impacted by previous wildfires. Once the system is activated, a wave of water covers your home and property all at once. The system is fully automatic, a self-contained system, and property owners need not be present to activate. Each system comes complete with power, water, and fire retardant. I thought to myself, WOW, this could help save homes, human lives, and our animals as well. I don’t want to steal all their thunder but this could really change the face of fire safety, insurance, and lives across fire-prone areas.  Visit to learn more.

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